Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Automation will change or eliminate millions of today's jobs. Can training workers for entry-level tech jobs now ease the transition?
Dozens of other companies were working on point-of-care blood testing before Theranos, and dozens still are.
0 Comments Sahara Reporters Nigerian Senate Investigates Samsung For Illicit Importation 49 Minutes Ago
In an interview, YouTube's CEO discusses using Wikipedia to combat conspiracy theories, identifying "authoritative" sources and whether its algorithms promote extremes.
In a city where some vehicles average 4.7 mph, a congestion charge may be the only way. That is, if it can fix the Uber problem.
0 Comments Sahara Reporters Nigeria To Cut Sulphur Particle In Fuel From July, Says NNPC 1 Minute Ago
From election meddling to NotPetya to grid hacking, Russia's digital provocations are no longer being ignored.
A typical car can travel 30 miles on just one gallon of gasoline. How do electric vehicles stack up?
In Season 2, the FX show is transforming TV again—by turning the camera on the prejudices and motivations of its audience.
0 Comments Sahara Reporters NYSC Withdraws Corps Members From Troubled Kaduna Communities 11 Minutes Ago
The problem with today’s real-life multiuser VR experiences isn’t metaphorical boundaries—it’s literal ones.
The footwear maker famous for its wool has developed a new textile from eucalyptus.
Opinion: If Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the social network good for people’s well-being, he needs to let academics study its users’ behavior.
The latest data from the Union of Concerned Scientists says the American grid's shift toward renewables reinforces the positive impact of electric cars.
0 Comments Breaking News Breaking: Olusosun Dumpsite Inferno Destroys LAGBUS Vehicles, Trucks, Wares 4 Hours Ago
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The ride-hailing company and auto industry supplier are building a self-driving system any automaker can use.
Someone having a stomach full of worms is totally possible, though.
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Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of the once highly touted blood-testing startup, is accused of an "elaborate years-long fraud."